Spring in Mesnil

The magnolias are in blossom in the first sunlights. The hellebores are still beautiful. The borders are blue thanks to the geraniums and the aquilegias. How can we imagine that hardly a few weeks ago it was freezing cold?

The rhododendrons are opening and the young shoot of the Japanese maples are vivid.
The hankerchief tree will soon be stunning.
The Deshojo maple is bright red and the “orange dream maple has never been so well named.
The buds of the magnolia “yellow fever“ make him look like a lemon tree.
The sky is grey ? Good !! The yellow foliages are a sun shine.
It’s raining…The garden is fragrant ?
Sunshine ? Oh great… Here comes the spring. Let’s sing with the birds…

Promenade Printanière
L’hiver ? c’était hier
Au détour des allées
Je me prends à flâner
Profitons de l’instant
Magique de ce moment